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Huntin the elusive tupperware

Dizzy on the third ball

20 March
80's, alien, animated movies, animation, anime, anthropomorphics, babylon 5, back rubs, beer, being crazy, being loved, being me, being random, bizarre, bob dylan, bob marley, boobies, boobs, c.s.i., cartoons, cat walks through walls, charlotte, cheese, cold fronts, coldplay, comedy, comics, computers, confusion, conversation, corona with lime, creativity, csi, daydreaming, dirty humor, dirty jokes, dogs, dreaming, duran duran, dvds, egalitarian society, eighties, exploration, farmer in the sky, fresh water swimming, friday, furry art, future history, galactic domination, games, generation x, geocaching, golden age sci-fi, good movies, good pizza, good stories, gps, hardcore, hating pop radio, heinlein, hentai, hot dogs, hugs, internet, jimmy buffet, jokes, key largo, kissing, laughing at stupid people, lazarus long, libertarianism, little shop of horrors, love, making cartoon voices, manga, maps, mayonaise, michael, moon, movies, muppets, networks, new experiences, north carolina, number of the beast, ocean, odd signs, online comics, people with brains, pin ups, polyamory, porn, rainbows, rainy days, red planet, reo speedwagon, resturaunts, romance, sci-fi, science fiction, sensuality, sex, sexuality, shiny things, silence, sinuous lines, sleeping, small boobs, smooches, snuggling, space, speculative fiction, star wars, starship troopers, strange toys, stranger in strange land, sun, tactile fetish, talking to myself, tanstaafl, technology, tentacles, the moon, the sims, the smell of leather, time enough for love, tinnitus, topless sun bathing, travel, tv generation, walking, wallace and gromit, water, web comics, web surfing, webcomics