Return of the Crafties

Ok used a stencil to form the letters on the cannister, after I realized from what Mammallama said about the sharpie & the stamp pad ink might not behave the same way.

Grabbed a Redi Marker and a Sharpie (blue). Put the main wording on the box in black, worked fine other than I got dyslexic writing down the cache waypoint name, put GCQ instead of GCJKQ7, just scribbled over the oopsy, didn't feel like repainting the whole box.

Was going to put on the side in blue, but some how the sharpie ink got wicked into the space between the stencil & the box. I grabbed an alcohol prep pad to try to remove the sharpie ink before it dried, stripped the paint off the side of the box instead.

Three strikes, yer out painting again.

God I suck.

Glad I am humble enough to use cheap paint. Wonder if there is any difference in using flat versus glossy (what I have now) on how the stamping ink will act? Hmmmm...

Note to self: DUCT TAPE FOO!
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I gotta ask.

Ok I have a habit of randomly clicking links to view friends friends lists. Sometimes I'll keep linking and going & linking just reading over journals at random.

There is something I've read that's very common, but I gotta ask.

Why the fuck do people put themselves on their own friend list? Why friend yourself??? I don't get it.

To avenge myself of this confusion I will now go to several LJ's, ask myself 3 questions and put said answers on those peoples journals.

I didn't want to do this, I was forced to.
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MammaLllllllama Help!

Ok, I'm trying hard to be Crafty, rally I am.

I've got an ammo box that I've sanded, brushed & smoothly repainted with Walmart's fines smooth spraypaint.

Since I have the writing skills of your average 3rd grader on a Pixie-Stick Smoothie Bender, I decided to use stamps that are inked up and stamped on the painted ammo box. Only problem, the ink kinda puddles up leaving a vague outline of said letter, and is easily eraseable from the box even after 6 hours of drying.

HELP! How can I get the fushlingger letters to make letters that are waterproof, dirt proof, & box holder/opener proof!

Not to mention actual letters & not just vague hints of said letters. Another bonus would be FREAKING CHEAP! I've already spent too much on the stamps as it is.
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This weekend...

Was Great.

Aunt Julie not only kept the pace but she also pushed us a bit.

21 caches in one day. These weren't easy urbans either, these were in 3D. Beautiful views in a lush river valley around the entrance to the Pisgah National Forest. I love this area near Brevard. Swimable river, wadeable creeks, beautiful forest.

We got a FTF Davidson River Plantation which really surprised me. I figured if we were'nt there by 0-god-thirty we'd be too late. It was around 10:00 in the morning & we found it.

Julie had a great eye for spotting the caches too. I pretty much sat back and let the ladies have their fun. Just let me mention tho, I found the FTF. Julie & Cathy had a ball, sometimes though I did have to give them a bit of a nudge when they would ask a question & by the time I found the answer in the log sheets they'd have wandered out to where I'd have to yell for them to hear me. I could have but why let the whole valley know about our 'discreet' hunting? We all had a great time and sore muscles all over the next morning. It was the good kind though, and I feel great today too. Got one little thing to finish up and I can log in for this travelling cache I have. Gotta put googly eyes on a rock.

No, don't ask.

Just wading through the phone calls now, temperature's up, so is the call volume. Wating for the weekend. Not going to be able to do much hunting this weekend. Foo, stoopid relatives. (sigh) Welp just gotta do what I can. The wife's happy we hit 250 like she wanted and 5 more to boot.

Now I gotta wrap her present here at work. An Emerson home reciever/CD player. Hopefully our nights of having the TV turned up full blast & not hearing digital shows are over now.

Dang customers....
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Swapped from Obie

I want anyone and everyone who reads this to post in here something they would LIKE to do with me SOMEDAY.

Then post this in your journal to find out what I want to do with you.

Bonus points if it's illegal.
Double if it'd give Jessie Helms a Coranary.
Super double triple points with stars if it takes batteries or an extension cord!
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Anatomy of a hunt.

Ok some folks at work & at LJ have intimated that they cannot believe that we found 27 caches in one day.
Others I've talked to, have found 50+ in one day...

How they do that, I don't know. This weekend I found a nice stand of 24 caches in Brevard to go to, and fully expect to get most if not all swooped up this Saturday. We're taking the wife's aunt Julie along and frankly I have no idea how this'll affect things. One friend that I thought was going to be totally cool about being in the woods & stuff freaked out when they got mustard on their shirt.

They thought some 2 inch holes in the ground should make the terrain a 3 instead of a 1. What can I say. I ain't won the Lottery yet either.

Now here is a day by day listing of what I did to evaluate & "aim" at said caches.

Monday 17 May 04

1. Decided what kind of terrain I wanted to be in this weekend. Last week I was in the piedmont and wasn't overly fond of the deep woods with all the spiderwebs there. West to the Mountains it is.

2. Got a .LOC file sent to me, Cache selection LESS than or Equal to 2.5 terrain/difficulty (Looking for speed not art here.), in the state of NC, No multicaches, and we haven't found them.

3. Ran .LOC file through GeoBuddy a program that converts .LOC files to Microsoft Streets & Trips waypoint files. Loaded same into Streets & trips on laptop.

4. Opened S&T to area in NC mountains, looked for big pile of pins in small space. Identified 2.7 mile stretch of road in Brevard. Highway 276 & National Forrest Road (zip 28768).

5. Evaluated several dozen caches looking at distance from parking place, trail requirements, hazards from muggle activity, & cache type. Finally picked one stretch of 27 #28 will be a virtual we'll get on the way in. Quick stop, 3 pictures, done.

6. Opened individual cache pages looked at recent logs. Eliminated 4 due to DNF's or other funny bidness.

7. Copied waypoint name, lat & long, & text of cache sheet to word document. Printed spoiler pictures to be used on trail if need be, labled cache page on the back. Window I opened for them only 1/2in by 1/2 in. Mostly only saw trees, big surprise there.

Tuesday 18 May 04

1. Mostly repeated step #7 from before. Lots of copying & sometimes waypoint name from cache sheet caused M$Word to shut itself down, not sure why, but there it is. Then I'd have to reboot & try again. Printed more pix.

Wednesday 19 May 04

Charged batteries, checked gear, asked wife to get some stuff for trading. Put a few pens in the back pack, filled water bottles & put them in the fridge.
Poked last of cache pages in the word document.

Thursday 20 May 04

While at work put waypoints for caches, & reccommended parking spaces in GPS. Typed up this self inflating notice at night.

Friday 21 May 04

After dinner will have wife help me make sure coords in GPS are correct by reading them back while she sees what I actually put in. Get coolers lined up, fill bowl with ice so we'll have plenty made by in the morning. Gas up car, load warm stuff-backpack, non perishable lunch items, picnic basket.

Get latest .LOC & .GPX files from, load them in laptop.

Saturday 22 May 04

0-god-thirty hours get up, shower, dress, fill coolers with ice & stuff. Final load of car, laptop, coolers, camera, GPS, & loose bottles of water for drinking on trip.
Get online & check for any last minute cache disables.
Get aunt Julie in Hickory around 5:30ish, hang a west & find out what happens.

Hey, it worked OK last weekend.
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Can't wait till I get to be 44!

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Had big fun this weekend, got caught in a work area in a park and they asked us to leave the area, told another cacher about it & he thought they escorted us out of the park! "It's Attached" (GCHTYV).

So as you can see we are well on our way to the 250 mark.

Got 27 caches this weekend. Had a great time authored by Ron & Diane. Great fun fast moving, wonderful hides. I think I'll follow in their footsteps. I could probably find 100 hiding places here in charlotte.
Time to put money where mouth is I think.
Should I link all 100 together so you have to go through an entire chain to get to the big cache in the center, or have waypoints where you can enter? Say caches 1->32, 33->65, 66->100?

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Source Article HyahCollapse )

Soooo the Columbine Athletics Department boosters say Jocks don't pick on the nerds & torment them mercilessly as they did back when I was in High School. Their children were sweet honest and never would hurt a fly.

Well let me say one thing. If my parents hadn't had me on mood altering levels of Elavil (non-UK trade name for amitriptyline), supposedly for my migranes, the phrase "Going Columbine" in the lexicon would be 30 years older and would be "Going Henderson."
I don't remember much about high school, thanks to those pills, and what little I do recall makes me wish I'd taken more pills.
Of course that day my mother walked into my room while I was laying nude on my bed trying to relieve myself of a prickly heat rash while trying to read a social studies chapter, and asking if I was some kind of pervert, and had bothered some little boys didn't help. Nope not one bit.

"Tom Klebold said they hope to understand someday why the shooting happened."
Not that hard dude, gain 250 lbs, and enjoy the experience of being avoided for weeks at a time, never have anyone look you right in the eye, go months without the least amount of human contact, even people touching your hand while making change.
Start asking yourself "What's wrong with me?"
See how the world is aimed for everyone else.

I grieve for the victims of Columbine.

All of them.
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