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32 hours in a truck

Well we went up to the corn roast for the family this weekend. Basic concept, small bonfire, cooking a variety of things out in the open. Great food, volleyball old folx & little kids playing around everyone having a good time.

We left friday at 8:00 pm after I had to spend a hellish EXTRA hour on one customer trying to get the SOB on line with his product after he spent 20 minutes taking snippy free throw insults at me. Fucking asshat calls at 1858 as I was ramping up to leave at 1900. Nature of the game I know. Everything I try just cannot get this guy on line. Work order won't check in, services won't activate.
One of our supervisors was about to leave too, so I ruined his evening too. Lovely.

God, just thinking about what happened pisses me off all over again, his freaking whining about Gee I hope I didn't make a mistake, waaah I didn't know I'd have so many service problems, eeeeehhh my cooter hurts, can't I speak to someone who knows what they're doing, why do I have to call all the stupid people. The whole time I'm trying to remember the start up procedures for this stuff, as it is my FIRST day on this product, he's popping me with a barrage of insults; personal and corporate, and billing questions. Like some sort of pavlovian grass drills.

Finally got it up to one of the product experts and a tech in dispatch and left them with the ball. Yeah, makes me a bastard of the first water, I know. Still they didn't have to deal with that thing personally like I did.

The drive up was pretty good, 77 to 19 to 79 to 80 to 66 to Lewis Run. Rain on and off on the way up, arriving at around 0630. I immediately went to sleep and woke up arond noon, showered and we went to the cook out.

Hot dogs on a stick, turkey cooked in a trash can, corn soaked in water shoved into ashes of a hot fire and roasted for 15-20 minutes, slathered in butter, a hint of salt, and viola, heaven on a cob. Well worth the trip. I took over 90 pix, including the trip back, some action shots of the ol' lady sawing wood. Our team retired with a string of 100% vollyball victories, parades, medals, NEXT!
Planning some caches for next weekend with an ex boss, another weekend with a former coworker, and generally wondering what I can do to try to get out of the job that will make me insane or kill someone. I swear to god, this job is killing me inside. I have two days of life, and five days of waiting.

God damn, what did I do wrong?
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