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Perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Putting up a cut, behind which is rage and marital insecurity.

Welp couldn't get the time off I needed to go see my inlaws at the family reunion. Thank you Wonderful Company. Fuckers Inc. as I often playfully refer to them, other times those sons of anal sex.

Wifey poo went, I asked her to put a travel bug in a cache somewhere in PA and write some text in a logbook. Could she? Ohhhhh Nooooooo. When she gets home she's pissed because she called me and I didn't answer cause we are in a cellular dead zone. I can't help that! I didn't build the MF tower!

So we have a quick fight cause I'm not meeting her outside to unload the truck, so my payoff after 3 days of missing & needing her? A Bright Chuck off Farley! No hug, no kiss. And I knew better than to approach her for one later. Her fields were UP! She had to go see relatives & have fun and eat crappy potato salad. Boo Hoo. I got to relive my bachelorhood. I hated my bachelorhood. I suck as a bachelor.

Swinging single? Nope not me. I was one of the few guys growing to manhood in the wild 80's that didn't get laid.

How the hell do you think I came to reach 375 lbs?
Fuck. Fuck fuck, fuckkity fuck FUCK!!!

Momma never said there'll be days like this, bitch never warned me about ANYTHING!!!
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