July 16th, 2004

TV sees itself:

"This is how television works. It's a competitive business. There's nothing new about it."
-Fox Entertainment chief Gail Berman

That's not news.

Neither have I had any lately. We've just added 5 states to our caching belts, only a token hit ot two in each, not what you could call a glorious safari, but got the job done.

That job getting us out of the house listening to books on CD and seeing farther from a horizon than I've ever seen before, or so it seemed. I'm sure the times I've been on the sea shore I've seen just as far or farther, but when it's in Missouri, Illinois, or Indiana- having things on the horizon give it a emphasis that punches you in the jaw with the scale.

Or at least it does me. I'm weird though. Ask around.

Progress on selling La casa sein pantalones is sloooooowwww but moving nontheless. With luck July will be the last time I mow for a Loooooooooooonnnnngggg time.

Work in the call center, when the lines heat up, the phone heats up. Mind dulling yelling all day long, one day blending into the next, followed by nights of much beer & dungeon crawling thanks to that video crack called Dungeon Siege: Legend of Aranna.

Hmmmmm Yes a dragon... Yesss slide right into the vein, ohhhh yessssssssssssss...
Then spend the next half hour getting the mouse untied from around my arm.

That's all there is for now, more soon, love you long time.
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