June 30th, 2004

Cause & Effect

"If a fourth season does go ahead, Rick Berman said to expect numerous three- or four-episode story arcs, instead of one major storyline as was seen in the third season. Berman and fellow producer Brannon Braga are expected to be less involved with the show on a day-to-day basis, as they begin work on other projects at Paramount.
Boldly Stolen from IGN.com Insider.

Thank God.

Please dear jeesus strike messers Rick "I can fuck that up" Berman & Brannon "Can't fuck down" Braga dead from the Paramount lots, puuuuhhhleaze!

Ok Time travel is a convienent writers hack tool for SF. Hyperspace, warp travel, what have you, superluminal forms of transport will have to use tremendous energy levels that may indeed play merry hob with temporality.

Just don't use it to solve a conflict in a story ok? No more than "...And then Johnny woke up! Starfleet was fine, Hoshi was fine, and everyone lived happily ever after, except for Reed who found he was gay."

God it's sooo disgusting, I think the only thing that can make me watch enterprise ever again is more skin for Hoshi.
Even then, I'll prolly fast forward a lot.
Please someone, put some SF on TV, anyone? So far Stargate has been picking up the slack, but they have just spun off, so god only knows what can happen there.
Welp, I guess there's always Freefall.

Hey if Paramount's lawyers see this, can you pass the word: More skin Hoshi, less Chronatons! Thanks!
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