June 4th, 2004

I gotta ask.

Ok I have a habit of randomly clicking links to view friends friends lists. Sometimes I'll keep linking and going & linking just reading over journals at random.

There is something I've read that's very common, but I gotta ask.

Why the fuck do people put themselves on their own friend list? Why friend yourself??? I don't get it.

To avenge myself of this confusion I will now go to several LJ's, ask myself 3 questions and put said answers on those peoples journals.

I didn't want to do this, I was forced to.
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Return of the Crafties

Ok used a stencil to form the letters on the cannister, after I realized from what Mammallama said about the sharpie & the stamp pad ink might not behave the same way.

Grabbed a Redi Marker and a Sharpie (blue). Put the main wording on the box in black, worked fine other than I got dyslexic writing down the cache waypoint name, put GCQ instead of GCJKQ7, just scribbled over the oopsy, didn't feel like repainting the whole box.

Was going to put gecaching.com on the side in blue, but some how the sharpie ink got wicked into the space between the stencil & the box. I grabbed an alcohol prep pad to try to remove the sharpie ink before it dried, stripped the paint off the side of the box instead.

Three strikes, yer out painting again.

God I suck.

Glad I am humble enough to use cheap paint. Wonder if there is any difference in using flat versus glossy (what I have now) on how the stamping ink will act? Hmmmm...

Note to self: DUCT TAPE FOO!
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    shikka-shikka-shikka of the paint can, at least 1 minute.