June 2nd, 2004

MammaLllllllama Help!

Ok, I'm trying hard to be Crafty, rally I am.

I've got an ammo box that I've sanded, brushed & smoothly repainted with Walmart's fines smooth spraypaint.

Since I have the writing skills of your average 3rd grader on a Pixie-Stick Smoothie Bender, I decided to use stamps that are inked up and stamped on the painted ammo box. Only problem, the ink kinda puddles up leaving a vague outline of said letter, and is easily eraseable from the box even after 6 hours of drying.

HELP! How can I get the fushlingger letters to make letters that are waterproof, dirt proof, & box holder/opener proof!

Not to mention actual letters & not just vague hints of said letters. Another bonus would be FREAKING CHEAP! I've already spent too much on the stamps as it is.
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