May 24th, 2004

This weekend...

Was Great.

Aunt Julie not only kept the pace but she also pushed us a bit.

21 caches in one day. These weren't easy urbans either, these were in 3D. Beautiful views in a lush river valley around the entrance to the Pisgah National Forest. I love this area near Brevard. Swimable river, wadeable creeks, beautiful forest.

We got a FTF Davidson River Plantation which really surprised me. I figured if we were'nt there by 0-god-thirty we'd be too late. It was around 10:00 in the morning & we found it.

Julie had a great eye for spotting the caches too. I pretty much sat back and let the ladies have their fun. Just let me mention tho, I found the FTF. Julie & Cathy had a ball, sometimes though I did have to give them a bit of a nudge when they would ask a question & by the time I found the answer in the log sheets they'd have wandered out to where I'd have to yell for them to hear me. I could have but why let the whole valley know about our 'discreet' hunting? We all had a great time and sore muscles all over the next morning. It was the good kind though, and I feel great today too. Got one little thing to finish up and I can log in for this travelling cache I have. Gotta put googly eyes on a rock.

No, don't ask.

Just wading through the phone calls now, temperature's up, so is the call volume. Wating for the weekend. Not going to be able to do much hunting this weekend. Foo, stoopid relatives. (sigh) Welp just gotta do what I can. The wife's happy we hit 250 like she wanted and 5 more to boot.

Now I gotta wrap her present here at work. An Emerson home reciever/CD player. Hopefully our nights of having the TV turned up full blast & not hearing digital shows are over now.

Dang customers....
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