May 12th, 2004

Story so farrrrrrr.....

Ironing, done; mowing done till next weekend, cache out-FTF was Medic208, he then got a DNF on my adopted Christmas all year. Went & checked on it and turtle power also. All clues still in place, caches dry & mildew free.

Currently at 206 caches, wife wants 250 by the end of the month. 3rd of june to be exactamundo. Our one year anniverssary of caching. I think we'll make it. Got two more to put in the stats tonight, then 42 to go with 3 weekends, and the wife has a day off I don't. 14 caches a weekend? I think we can do it.

Going to bed early tonight. I am TIRED. If you ever go up to the Gibson Park near High Point, do yourself a favor, wear one of those hats folks wear while keeping bees. I have NEVER had so many spiderwebs in my face as I did today.
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