April 26th, 2004

It never happens when you're ready...

X-post from first time cachers:

Ok I admit, karma & Murphy sit up in the heavens with a tall pitcher of Margarita's and watch me like a hawk. A hawk that laughs, points, & makes lots of rude jokes.

After posting about my cache in a bag comment, I decided to clean out the truck. One of the things we took out was said kit. Then we found half of GCHV4B "I'M BACK" by Gojoey. After picking up what remains I found, the bottom, a few trade items, a plastic bag that was well chewed, I put the remains in a nearby cache contaner also run by Gojoey for easy retrieveal, and to save postage.

If this were most cachers, I would have also put a needs to be archived note, but I know he'll get the issue handled quickly and disable/archive/replace it himself fast. It's a shame that it happened, this cache was to replace another cache he had put out there that the same thing had happened.

What's worse than a DNF? a 1/2DNF much like a worm in an apple.
###End of X Post###
Not too dissapointed, these things happen, entropy and all that. What the hell was he thinking putting a cache in a Nestle's Quick box??? How many times do we have to say it folx, NO CACHES IN A FORMER FOOD CONTAINER!!!!!
Even if you soak it in bleach, even if you run it through a dishwasher 50 times!
Sad thing was, we had just talked to Gojoey earlier that day as we met up by a missing micro. 2DNF's, 10 Finds. We've had better weeks.
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Hooo boy.

I nearly get heat exhaustion cutting down a tree at the house, nearly hit the house with the tree.
Ripped my new(ish) waterproof(ish) boots doing yardwork.
Think I have poison Ivy on my wrist.
I found half a cache missing.
Washed my wallet in the laundry again.
Slept too late to pack my lunch.
I Have sinuses that are more tightly packed than this weekend's Jimmy Buffett concert that I couldn't afford to go to.
All the "It always goes out when it rains" people are calling in.

We have an offer on the house.

Man this is a good fucking week!
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