March 21st, 2004

Echo's of a Note to Asshat Community:

Dear Programming Asshat:

I do not want another reality show. Reality is a pain in the ass. I do not want a fourth or sixth episode of Seinfeld shown on your station per day. If you want to give me a fifth, make it rum. A lime & Pepsi would appreciated.

I don't want crappy singers singing mass produced pap for the "entertainment industry".

Give me stories with heart, heroes (& of course heroines) with souls of steel & outfits of spandex. Steal from Shakespeare, rob Homer, swipe from Paul. Mostly they wanted just to pay the rent but I think they would like to have their words echoed through time, no matter how feebly you can sound.

Honor, Dignity, Duty, Humor, Loyalty. Feel free to get these words explained to you. I used to worry because I worked nights and didn't get to watch "Primetime", now I pity those that can only speak of what a Bachelor did to a Survivor in their Big Brother's House in the Surreal World.

Thank god I'm behind the times. BTW That last episode of Voyager, why didn't you do something original like have Janeway wake up and realize she had never left?

Remember, in space you still suck the hardest.
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