March 16th, 2004


2004-03-16 - Wireless Flash Weird News
Do American Kids Need A Learner's Permit For Beer?

SEVERNA PARK, Md. (Wireless Flash) -- Do American teenagers need a learner's permit for beer? The 20-year-old intern on a Maryland-based radio show called "Beer Radio" thinks so.

More preachin to the choir here. Amen sistah!Collapse )

I agree 1000%. What's the best way to create demand for something way beyond reson? Tell someone "you can't have that." ("I never wanted a cigarette till I saw my first no smoking sign." Name that tune!) I spent 3 years in West Germany (yes that long ago.) and kids there handle routinely a beer that is stronger (& better-ed opinion) than 2 american beers.
Beer is not a "Recreational Beverage" as it is sold here, it is an everyday thing. Got a cold? Get a beer & heat it up as hot as you can stand to drink it, like soup. BAM next morning, cold gone. How do you think NyQuil got it's start?
NOTE: Don't try that with budweiser, it's narsty. Even worse than the patented "GREEN DEATH FLAVOR®" Make friends with a microbrewer, have him follow the bundeslaw standards for brewing, I gaurantee, you will thank him in every way you know whether it's
march 14
or not.

Beer there is sold in racks, like milk crates but smaller holes, the local brand where I was stationed sold them in racks of 25. Pass a construction site, see the racks waiting to be picked up like water jugs in americas office. Unlike america, I almost never saw "Shovel supports, mobile."

I'm not saying there's a connection, but it's more than enough evidence for the global warming crowd.
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