February 23rd, 2004

Much done, much to do...

Otay found cheapest source for plaster of paris around without getting it by the truckload. Found an acceptable source for blocks of wax.
Made a do-able model of a turtle out of playable dough like substance (AH-em).
Now to speriment with plaster shapes in the wax, see if it'll work. Possible flaws, plaster heats as it sets, melting into the wax. Issues there, wax coats/soaks into the plaster making painting impossible. Mild baking could solve one issue, but not the other.
Friability of the plaster makes a properly shaped trinket that would not survive an acceptable level of handeling/clumsiness even with a coat of paint.
Shaping issues, maybe the whole dang thing just won't work.

Then after sorting all that, comes painting/decorating/modifying. Do I add magnets? will I need a base coat/primer/sealant before the outer coat?
Will the dang things survive Charlotte NC humidity? Can I get someone to help me make a tracking webpage if all this shit works out & I decide to fling them out like Geocoins?
Will I lose interest in all this shit before I get to the next paragraph? Well if I do, so far I'm out about $5.50 US.

One thing that does not help a freaking bit, whenever I do a google search, plaster casting is either pouring wax into a plaster mold, pouring plaster into a footprint or other substance, or wrapping plaster strips around Jimi Hendrix's dangly bits.

Not that I can fault anyone for that, he was very stylish, and a musician, everone knows how that works. (You say you want someone hard working & a good sense of humor, but it's the boys in the band that get the strange. Asshats.)Any frikken hoo.

Called in the artillery, jeesh all this time I've forgotten I've got a pagan in the pocket! Who knows more about crafts & self creativity?


That's it. Till the dawn.
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