February 6th, 2004

The way it was supposed to look:

This is a redo of a reply to agathagrimm . It was supposed to have a specific look, but my LJ skillz are suxxor. So thought I'd try again:

Okay, what is Geocaching.
In it's simpelest form it's a game of Hide & go seek with complete strangers world wide. It's often described as a hightech treasure hunt.

Basically a person takes little items or trinkets, & hides them with a logbook in a watertight container somewhere you can come after it. They then post the coordinates on the Geocaching.com website. You get the coordinates off the website, put them in your GPS (Global Positioning Sensor) and go find it. Sign the logbook, take something & leave something-if you wish. Signing the log is the only manditory part. Some caches are too small to have trinkets, usually a hide a key box or 35mm film canister. Micro caches like that are popular in urban environs where they can be hidden in a bench or statue. You then can go back to the webpage for the particular find and record any tales you may have for finding the cache.

That's the plain and simple, But for some there is more, Collapse ) And I confess I am one.

The main webpage is http://www.geocaching.com/
FAQ's & such http://www.geocaching.com/about/
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