February 5th, 2004

Friendly Strangers

Soooo, how does one get on my friends list. Frequent posting is a must, unless I know you personally, or you do something I enjoy-like a webcomic, geocaching, or run around naked a lot.

Say something in your journal that makes me laugh, or think "Hmmmm, that's one correct saumbeech." Telling me something, especially useless stuff, that I did not know before gets extra points.

So that's why you're here.

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Arrrrrgh Where is the little drummergirls????

All day long at work while reading LJ I came across someone's link to a SWF of a cartoon that had some little japanese(?) girls with headphones on banging drums with their heads, I didn't bother bookmarking it cause it was so easy to find.


Now I'm home with my own soundcard and can't find it anywhere.

Woe is meeeee......
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