February 3rd, 2004

Another day of bad guessing....

Due to the fact I cannot guess 6 numbers correctly I am at work again.
On february 27 I go on a 10-7 shift at The Wonderful Company, and I again did not get hired for HSD field tech.

Neh, could be worse. I guess the antidepressants are kicking in after all! ;)
All it means is I have to buckle down & study the heck out of RF.
Jeesh I want to quit answering phones sooooo bad.

Plans for the cache are coming along nicely! I just need to get the ammocan this week, sanding & repainting next week, plant the clues the first week of feb & open the cache at the Get together event on the 15th. I just wonder if I should open it up before the event, during or just after?

Before, Folks who may be travelling can get the event cache & the hit on the newly refurbished cache.

During, then only people who come to the event have the chance for FTF, but it may be dark after the event so the park would be closed.

After, well I can think of no good reason for doing it after.

I hope folks like the new arrangement of the cache.
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