January 22nd, 2004

Whaddya mean "JUST" thursday???

We put in bids for shifts this week. I had 13 choices to make. Ony 4 of which I wanted. Unlike previous times this had happened, you simply cannot stay with the shift you are in if your life is nicely settled like mine is.

Nooo you have to take the risk that your shift will be filled by someone else and your whole schedule will be hozzered.

Not to mention we are waiting to see which holidays we will have "ASSIGNED" to us to work.

Lovely. And people wonder why I hunt tupperware in the woods. I'm looking for some normalcy.

The Wonderful Company. I wish I could get a real job.
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Lor love a maggot.....

Your Anime Stalker by taka
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Anime StalkerYuuki Miaka
How many days?97
Status of stalkeryou feel anyone touching you? yeah...
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Why do I do this to myself???

Just in case you're curious, info on my stalker can be found at http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Arc/6366/pg/profile/miaka.htm

It's geocities, so raise sheilds first. Seems worksafe, but then I'm being stalked by a 15 year old, what would I know about safe?
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