January 12th, 2004

Another day's useless wages spent...

Welp got 6 caches on the weekend, I hope to have things organized so that the places I go to will have some sort of table listing for those cyberjockies that may watch on the side as I hunt over hill & dale, through hither and yon from here to there for our sport.

Can it be a sport even though there is no competition save the competition for yourself? Perhaps it's no Panther making a 64 yard dash in the second overtime, but it is still satisfying as you klunk your hand on the box that you've traveled several states to find.

Is it the treasure or the chest? I'm after the chest, your mileage will vary. After all, such measly prizes as an Eeyore doll, a golf ball, a Canada keyring, a outline ruler (with hearts & rainbows), and a 24 piece mini puzzle are not the stuff of legends. It's the smell of the crisp air as snow melts into the pinethatch. The look in the fawn's eye as we come face to face a yard apart, suddenly with a chill in 90º humidity as we search silently for where Momma might be with her rock hard hooves. The feel of the ground under our feet as we walk where pilgrim era ancestors farmed, looking for the 15th word in a poem scribed on a slab more than 300 years old. I've seen the grave marker for the first female doctor in NC, as well as a carny killed by his elephant. Walked through stone formations as old as time guided by technology no less splendid having been made convenient for my use.

We're going to be here another year at least. I think it's time I start laying out my own tricks & treats.